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11 ways to make Valentine's Day Special on a budget

PostsPosted by Annie Bennett Sat, February 13, 2016 18:40:34

See this link:'s-Day-Special-on-a-Budget

Love with diamonds and a five star meal is neither a necessity nor necessarily a meaningful expression of love for Valentine's Day. Having the means to pay for expensive gifts and experiences does not relieve the giver from expressing love personally, nor does it relieve the recipient from returning such love personally.

If you're worried that your funds can't stretch far enough to give your beloved a Valentine's Day to remember, realize that the best experience on Valentine's Day is having your partner come away from it with the absolute knowledge that they're loved, cared about, and wanted. Save your money and still have a great Valentine's Day.

1) Avoid equating love with consumption.
2) Minimize rather than do without.
3) Make your own.
4) Think of something you can do for your love.
5) Exchange cheesy but sweet gifts that remind you of one another, for whatever reason.
6) Give time.
7) Create a special evening at home together.
8) Stargaze.
9) Be spontaneous.
10) Take a walk down memory lane together.
11) Say "I love you".

How to enjoy Valentine's Day in London:

Celebrate Valentine's Day in the Capital. 9 romantic things to do. Valentine's day events. Valentine's Day parties. What Londoners really want. Where to wine and dine this February 14th. Bag the best valentines deals. 15 mush free romantic movies. Listen to the best love songs.

See this link:

Valentine's Day: How to spend the day, the best gifts for your partner and everything else you need to know. Not long to go until February 14th. The day when lovers exchange cards, gifts, flowers and chocolates with their special 'valentine'. Here's everything you need to know. Oysters at 25p each at Morrisons. Say it with chocolate. Make a heart shaped pizza. 10 gorgeous cocktails you make by The Telegraph. Play some slushy songs.

Over the years, February 14th became more popular and was romanticised by the likes of Chaucer and later Shakespeare. In 1537, England's King Henry VII officially declared the day St Valentine's Day. There is so much confusion around who St Valentine was that the Catholic Church stopped liturgical veneration of him in 1969, although his name remains on its list of officially recognised saints.

Not such a prude after all: the secrets of Henry VIII’s love life:

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